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Raise Your Game - Deborah Labbate ‘What Is Time’

Every Monday, start your week on an up

Event date: Monday, 30/04/2012 - 17:30 to 19:00

To achieve all your goals and become everything you are capable of becoming in life and in business you must get your time under control.

Psychologists generally agree that a sense of control is the key to feelings of happiness, confidence, power and personal well-being.  A sense of control is only possible when you practice excellent time management skills.

You'll leave this session with some ideas and a plan to set you on your way with renewed clarity.

Raise Your Game is a programme of events designed to drive business success. Give us one hour of your time after work on a Monday, and we’ll give you access to a treasure trove of talent, expertise, know-how and wisdom. Covering topics including PR, business ethics, social media, contracts and business modelling, you’ll learn the tricks that help successful businesses thrive, how to avoid the pitfalls others have already experienced, and you’ll extend your networks by meeting like-minded people.

And did we mention it’s absolutely free?