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Architecture in painting by Dr Valeria De Passetti

The first of six monthly lectures by one of the city’s leading architects and Italian Consulate for the East Midlands.

Event date: Friday, 23/03/2012 - 18:00 to 22:00

Dr Valeria De Passetti is the Italian Consul for the East Midlands, as well as being a Lecturer in Architecture and an Architect specialising in restoration of listed buildings. Valeria will deliver a series of 6 free monthly lectures at Antenna on Italian Architecture and how Architecture features in art.

'Painting Architecture' from Giotto to De Chirico - seven centuries of architecture in paintings.

This talk looks at the way buildings have been represented in paintings from the times before the discovery of perspective to their disquieting  significance in metaphysical art.

Dr Valeria De Passetti RIBA IHBC is an Italian architect and art historian from Florence, Italy. Arrived in Nottingham as a student, she has made the city her permanent residence. Her interests centre mainly on the historic environment and its preservation and sustainability. A firm believer that the built environment, and in particular historic buildings, have a part to play in the quality of the life of the future, she is relentlessly campaign to encourage the adoption of policies and measures to make them sustainable.

She is currently working with English Heritage and numerous local councils on regeneration plans for historic market towns and buildings. She is a renowned guest speaker giving talks all over the country and appearing regularly at the Italian Culture Institute in London.

She actively collaborates with the BBC and the local and national media and is currently working on a series for BBC 4.

In recognition of her professional and personal work, she has been appointed  Honorary Consul of Italy for the East Midland a role she feels honoured to represent.